Your Journey and the Law

Nothing about infertility is easy. The roller coaster of emotions. Financial strains. Physical discomforts and personal invasions. It’s hard to know when to try another IVF, when to try something new and when to wonder if it’s meant to be. Sometimes you feel that only someone who has gone through it herself can truly understand.

I’ve been there. And I know, that by the time you are reading this, your focus is clear -- remove any remaining obstacles and clear the path for you to fulfill your desire to be a parent and have a child to love.

The laws are complicated and change on a continuing basis. You need to have a properly written agreement with your egg donor, surrogate, embryo donor, and/or sperm donor that clearly details the intentions, rights, duties, and obligations of the parties. Without a thorough agreement, you may unintentionally expose yourself to ambiguities or unintended results that can affect your rights as a parent, your child’s future rights, and your own financial security. These areas continue to grow but include the following:

  • Confidentiality
  • Compensation and payouts
  • Medical complications
  • Survivor preferences
  • Future use of embryos
  • State cases that may impact your rights
  • And much more

The good news is that all parties involved have similar concerns and a collective interest in success. Donors are often as concerned about confidentiality as are the intended parents. Surrogates worry about many of the same custodial issues as the intended parents.

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